Pushy Parents

My oldest girls are now 22 and 19.  As I reflect on how we raised them and how we are raising our 9 year old, there are stark contrasts.  Like any firstborns, my oldest barely touched the floor and there was always this urgency about tracking her developmental progress.  All parents want to believe that their child is doing things before other kids.  What veteran parents usually figure out by the time they have kid three and four is that kids are usually pretty good about figuring out what they like to do on their own.  Our youngest is an acrobatic gymnast, and I’ve seen some stage parents which make me believe you should have to get a license before you’re allowed to procreate.  While our daughter has just won her first national championship, if she came to me tomorrow and said she wanted to try another sport, we’d certainly discuss her decision, but at the end of the day, if she is not committed to the sport, we can’t make her love it.

Things happen for a reason, and if your child wants to end one activity, try to look at it this way.  Maybe a door is opening for another opportunity which could be more satisfying.


About shybugemmie

Kevin Ann Planchet is a counselor in the Big Easy who enjoys working with children. She specializes in ADHD and the emotional issues which come with the disorder. Planchet is currently pursuing her doctorate and writing a series of ebooks on emotional and behavioral issues which affect kids called "Mom's Ten Tips".

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