First Day Jitters

The start of the new school year is only a couple of weeks away for us in New Orleans and this is accompanied by the usual routine of gathering school supplies, new clothes and great bling for your locker.  But there’s one other thing that kids take to school on the first day and that’s anxiety.  Even if your child is a return student or walking into a new school for the first time, take a minute or two to see if they have any questions or issues which need to be addressed.  Familiarity helps.  My fourth grader gets to meet her teacher and bring in her supplies before classes start.  At this time she also gets to see who’s in her class.  Since her school is not huge, she usually has friends in each class she’s known since preschool.  What if you’re entering a new school for the first time?

  •  Try to arrange a tour of the school before classes begin so your kids can get the lay of the land.
  • Meeting the new teacher is great, but if they get a chance to meet some of their new schoolmates, that’s even better.
  • Make the first morning of the first day as calm and relaxing as possible by preparing the night before.
  • Start with a good breakfast.  It’s hard to concentrate when your stomach is grumbling.
  • Don’t forget to put a little surprise in the lunchbox or put something familiar in the bookbag.
  • At the end of the day, go for ice cream and talk about their first day experience.  Whether the day was good or bad, this relaxing down time will be good for the kids and parents.

About shybugemmie

Kevin Ann Planchet is a counselor in the Big Easy who enjoys working with children. She specializes in ADHD and the emotional issues which come with the disorder. Planchet is currently pursuing her doctorate and writing a series of ebooks on emotional and behavioral issues which affect kids called "Mom's Ten Tips".

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