Monthly Archives: February 2013

I’m finally catching my breath.

Just as I was formulating marketing plans for my new children’s book, “Shybug”, I landed my first job in the counseling field.  So everything went on the back burner to adjust to my new responsibilities.  With a caseload of ten clients now, I see adolescent behaviors which are at the same time familiar because I have children and unexpected as I work to help these kids handle all sorts of issues.  Drawing out quiet children is always a challenge and this is where games and creativity can help.  Going at kids directly and asking a lot of questions only gets you a sullen kid who keeps wondering why you keep asking so many silly questions.  Over a game of “Sorry”  or “Subway Surf” (yes, my Ipad has become key in some sessions) the walls of resistance begin to come down and information starts to leak out like air from a pin-pricked balloon.  Parents could take a hint.  Sometimes you have to let the kids come to you.