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Parent Anxiety

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When working with children’s mental illness in the school system, some attention and care must be given to their parents and families.  Often, the problems children are having at school are only a by-product of something going on at home.  The anxieties of parents often feed down to their children and the children can act out with anger and disruptive behavior.  So, parents, if your children are having behavioral problems, consider whether or not it’s a reaction to something going on in your family. You can usually pinpoint the shift in their positive behavior to negative behavior because there’s been some change, such as a new baby, new spouse or divorce.   Once the reason for the change is evident, then you can address how to make the shift back to positive behavior.

One mistake many people make when they become parents is to forget about taking care of themselves.  All parents realize that the children’s welfare comes first.  After all, we made the decision to have them, but an unhappy parent will eventually become an ineffective parent.  Make an effort to do something for yourself each day, even if it’s only sitting down with a cup of tea and watching your favorite program on television or reading that book you’ve put aside for months.  (Eventually, you will finish it.)  Sometimes you have to make a plan to have time to yourself.  Maybe one day a week, the kids get to spend the day with grandma and you get to go out with a friend.  If you don’t plan time for yourself, you could get to their high school graduation and realize you haven’t sat down for 18 years!