Back to school in The Big Easy

It’s that time of year parents both dream of and dread; back to school.  The pros; you no longer have to entertain your kid or pay for someone else to do that all day.  The cons: endless paperwork, homework, extracurricular activities and the grind of drop off and pick up.  Yet, when your kids start to tell you they’re ready to go back, the summer has truly come to an end.  Our summer ended with a gymnastics championship in Kentucky and both my older girls coming home for a week before they return to college and work.  I can’t believe how different our lives are from what I’d envisioned at this age.  I thought I would still be sewing for a living, not completing a Masters, starting a new career in counseling and publishing my first children’s storybook, “Shybug”.  It’s a reminder we should never close any doors on opportunity or change for the future. This is the same idea I try to share with my 10 year old as she embarks on another year of elementary education.


About shybugemmie

Kevin Ann Planchet is a counselor in the Big Easy who enjoys working with children. She specializes in ADHD and the emotional issues which come with the disorder. Planchet is currently pursuing her doctorate and writing a series of ebooks on emotional and behavioral issues which affect kids called "Mom's Ten Tips".

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