Words can hurt too

I’ve been a counselor for a year now and I’m still amazed by the fact children think someone has to hit you to hurt you.  I explained what verbal abuse was to a young girl today and she didn’t seem to understand the concept.  I think children who hear negative things about themselves over and over again begin to believe and accept these insults as part of who they are.  In short order, they will begin what becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.   How do you begin to address the pain inflicted by words?  Start by teaching kids they have a right to believe wonderful things about themselves.


About shybugemmie

Kevin Ann Planchet is a counselor in the Big Easy who enjoys working with children. She specializes in ADHD and the emotional issues which come with the disorder. Planchet is currently pursuing her doctorate and writing a series of ebooks on emotional and behavioral issues which affect kids called "Mom's Ten Tips".

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