Miley Cyrus please stop!!

Is there some sub-clause in Disney contracts which says former Disney stars must absolutely run in the opposite direction of anything remotely decent and reasonable when launching their adult careers? My older daughters, who were fans of Hannah Montana, showed me her latest video in which she spent most of it crawling around on a bed in what can be best described as white spray paint over skin. I’ll even admit to having ‘Party in the USA’ on my Iphone because my youngest and I like to sing it in the car. If this is Miley trying to find herself, I’d suggest she keep looking. I do think this young lady is talented and in time she could find an adult audience who appreciates her art. At present I think she’s made the same mistake a lot of teenagers make; confusing maturity with provocative self promotion. We all did it, but she’s doing it on an international level where the evidence will be out in cyberspace for the rest of her life.


About shybugemmie

Kevin Ann Planchet is a counselor in the Big Easy who enjoys working with children. She specializes in ADHD and the emotional issues which come with the disorder. Planchet is currently pursuing her doctorate and writing a series of ebooks on emotional and behavioral issues which affect kids called "Mom's Ten Tips".

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